about: the author

This is Particle 17, of course, but this page is about me, not this journal.

the name

My name is Lucas “hakusaro” Nicodemus. My handle comes from the Japanese katakana ハクサロ, pronounced as ha ku sa ro. It has no meaning, other than what I've made for it (intentionally so).


I live in California, but I have lived in Colorado & Wyoming. California is warm and nice. Wyoming is quiet, but cold.


My areas of specialty are information systems, security, and development. I also have a strong interest in several other fields: communication, storytelling, psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and genetics. Chances are I'm forgetting something here.


My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INTP. On the big-five personality trait scale, from Truity Psychometrics, I received the following results:

Because it wasn't entirely clear what the percentages meant (were they percentiles?), I re-took the big-five personality test from Open Psychometrics and got the following allocations (percentiles):

I took the tests about a month apart. I didn't remember my original Truity scores nor did I review them prior to taking the inventory from Open Psychometrics (you have to trust me on this).


other places


You can email me, at hiya at hakusa.ro.